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Billy Bridges
True Price

You hate shopping for vehicles... Don't want to deal with salespeople, dealerships, or any of it...True Price has it covered!

As a manager of Northwest Motorsport I was able to execute my plan of increasing sales for the dealership and teaching the staff a Facebook strategy that would help salesmen optimize their potential. I was asked to write a social media curriculum for the other branch managers to use and to my knowledge it's still in place today! I was a manager for a short time before I realized that my heart just wasn't in this anymore. I struggled with the decision to leave a great paying career, but during the process I found PURPOSE.

I'm excited to put my years of experience working for the auto industry to work for you! Let's make your next auto purchase together!

I've never really bragged about my accomplishments as a dealership employee and I am now only to demonstrate my credibility amongst potential clients!

I am still the most decorated sales employee to ever work at Dave Smith Motors other than Roger Neff. R.I.P. There were 110 salesmen at the dealership in 2020, and that year I broke the annual record by over 80 vehicles, ending the year at 352 pre-owned SOLD.

Subsequently I broke all daily, weekly, and monthly records in sales that year as well. The next year I sold 232 vehicles tying for 3rd place overall while missing two months of work that year. This wasn't a fluke, all the years surrounding my biggest year, I still managed to sell 200+ regularly. In 2022 I left Dave Smith for a Manager position here in Missoula to be closer to my kids.


1. Dealerships will make it easy to do things internally, but this will almost always result in less than ideal transactions.

2. Finding a fantastic deal requires having someone who watches and knows the market, as the auto industry is just like Wall Street stocks in that regard!

3. First-time buyers, senior citizens, foreigners, single women, and out-of-towners... Due to the fact that dealerships are known to take advantage of these groups, they all can benefit with extra assistance.

4. Since this is a significant purchase and many have experienced buyer's remorse in the past, using True Price will make sure that buyers remorse is a thing of the past.

5. When using our services, every one of our clients saves more money and experiences less headaches.

6. As former leaders in the car industry, all of True Price's advocates are now working for you to change things.

7. You hate shopping for vehicles... Don't want to deal with salespeople, dealerships, or any of it...True Price has it covered!

8. You aren't receiving excellent deals, even if you believe you are. Allow True Price to demonstrate how it might be improved.

9. Eliminate confusion with a fundamental understanding of how a car transaction operates and how to do it correctly.

10. Since the cost of our services is significantly lower than the savings you will experience, there is nothing to lose! It's basically free money!

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