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Purchase Assistance


Why Hire True Price?

Finding Your Preferred Car: Finding the perfect vehicle, in the correct color, with the right trim package and the options of your choice can be overwhelming and difficult. Eventually, you may end up accepting a car that isn’t actually what you want. We know exactly where to look to find the car that matches your details.


Cost Savings: Our advocates have first hand experience working for car dealers, we know how dealerships work and know the tactics salesmen will apply. True Price is here to make sure you have the best scenario possible not only when it comes to the sale price but also financing or leasing. We won’t allow our customers to fall victim to any of the dealerships' games, especially those tricky finance managers!


Convenience: You may think that spending 6 hours in the dealership to buy your car is normal, it doesn't have to be! We ensure that by the time you walk into the dealership, we will have already negotiated your vehicle price, financing, warranty, and any other specific detail necessary, finally you will be armed with a paper in hand for your reference to ensure the dealership stays true to their word!


Peace Of Mind: All dealerships train their salespeople to be skilled in psychology tactics and upselling tricks to make you spend more money and take the least on your trade. We give you peace of mind by handling all the processes. All you need to do is to decide on the car, once we take care of everything and you're happy with the payment you are sent in to test drive and sign!


No Sales Pressure: We work for our clients, not for the dealerships. We have no incentive to push you to buy a particular car or to close a deal that’s not in your best interest. We are not commission based, instead it is one flat charge and we are your 24/7 advocates until you’re driving your new car, our only goal is to get you the best possible deal. 


Trade-In Assistance: If you’re looking to trade in your old car, we’ll help you get the best possible value for it. We have extensive knowledge and are familiar with the used car market. We are armed with the info needed in order to negotiate and get you the best possible trade-in value.


Financing Options: All our advocates have first hand dealership experience and information that everyday people are not made privy to. Although we aren’t financial advisors we can guide you and educate you on the necessary steps to ensure you’re getting the best deal on the financing as well as the car!


Summary: Long story short, if you hire True Price, we do everything for you and always get you the best deal!

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